Volunteer for Sheffield

Care and Support Volunteers


Would you be willing to join a volunteer care and support workforce?


We are creating a list of volunteers who can help their communities if needed as part of our business continuity planning. We’ll provide all of the training you need and at this point want to create a list so that we are ready to begin the training if needed.

What would I be asked to do?

The things you could assist with will vary depending on your current experience, skills and the level of checks required. You may be asked to do simple things such as checking on a vulnerable person to make sure they have what they need, providing some reassurance, making a meal or tidying up. For those with the relevant skills and experience you may be asked to help with personal care. You won’t be asked to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

Who can help?

We want the list of volunteers to be as extensive as possible; this will help us ensure we have support available across the city. You don’t need to work in care and support and all employees have skills that may be useful.

How do I volunteer?

You can register your interest by providing the following information to adultspractice@sheffield.gov.uk

  • Name
  • Home Address
  • Contact details
  • Any relevant skills
  • Are you willing to be trained provide personal care?
  • Access to Transport
  • If have access to current DBS:
    • Current DBS Yes/No
    • Expiry Date

If I volunteer and am contacted to help, who should I tell and how will my time be calculated?

During work hours you should gain approval from your line manager before responding. This is just to make sure you can be released (ie, that you’re not already doing another type of business critical work).  Out of work hours you should inform family/friends.

Any time that you work outside your normal work hours can be claimed back as time in lieu (TIL). The time you can claim back is ‘hour for hour’, taken with the agreement of your line manager.

If I volunteer does this mean I have to respond to every request?

No, you can register an interest and respond as required. There may be times where you are not able to help for various reasons and we understand this.  If you decide that you don’t want to be part of the volunteer care and support network at a later date you can ask for your details to be removed from the list.